Lumber Connection: January 21, 2021

Lumber Connection,

This week, Justin Binning and Ken Timmins with American International Forest Products recap the lumber market activity over the past few months and how it has affected lumber trade. Justin discusses factors that are contributing to the supply and demand of lumber and provides insight on lumber costs and how customers are reacting. Ken talks about the increase in housing starts and how procuring lumber and strategizing can help component manufacturers (CMs) navigate volatile market conditions. To that end, both Justin and Ken discuss recent events in the market and offer suggestions on how CMs can take advantage of buying opportunities by looking ahead, making informed purchasing decisions and preparing for future lumber needs.

Justin has been with AIFP since 2010 with a focus in Southern Yellow Pine and Ken has been with AIFP since 2017, specializing in Fir species. Both specialize in high grade lumber for the component manufacturing industry.

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