SBCA Staff Spotlight: Nikki Hilton

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — April 16, 2024
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Nikki Hilton

Nikki Hilton joined SBCA staff in February 2024 as the Executive Assistant/Receptionist, providing support to the SBCA’s Executive Director, Jess Lohse.  

Nikki has a broad background of supporting executives and their teams in a multitude of industries, such as accounting, business management, corporate tax management, entertainment, and hospitality. This experience has provided valuable insight, knowledge, and skills and are what have aided her in her accomplishments over the years.

In addition to her administrative experience, Nikki successfully started a jewelry company from her living room, applying her business degree to running a business. She has also worked as an intern in the Disney College Program at The Walt Disney Company. This program allowed her to witness aspects of the construction industry and helped her gain a better understanding of the hard work and possibilities within it. Nikki enjoys the process of building something grand out of nothing and seeing the teamwork and ingenuity behind it. She is excited to see what the future brings and to now be an active participant in the industry through SBCA. 

Nikki is driven, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented, all skills that will mesh well with the rest of the SBCA team. “We are very excited to have Nikki on the team; she brings a new and fresh perspective, with valuable experience and insight that can be utilized in many facets of the association,” says Jess Lohse, SBCA’s Executive Director. “She has been great at keeping me on task and helping in the day-to-day activities; I look forward to working with her more!” 

Nikki brings an upbeat and can-do attitude to SBCA. She feels that with a great product, great service, good people, and good business practices, you can succeed in anything, and she is happy to be applying those concepts now. “It has been great working with Nikki over the last couple months as we made the various staff transitions,” says Christine Wagner, SBCA’s Director of Communications. “As the person who used to be in this role, I can see that she definitely has a knack for it. She is detailed and thoughtful in her work, and I look forward to seeing how she continues to progress.”  

Nikki earned her BA in Medieval History from the University of California Santa Barbara with a minor in Mathematics and Business Technology Management, focusing on entrepreneurship in the financial industry. Nikki possesses a lively interest in history and learning, is obsessed with the Ancient and Medieval Ages, likes to play video games, and can quote “The Office” effortlessly. You’ll often find Nikki reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, going to Disneyland, or hanging out with her Shih-Tzu, Theodore. Nikki can be reached at .