SBCA’s Greenlee Appointed to ALSC

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — April 16, 2024
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Official Press Release

Greg Greenlee

SBCA is pleased to announce its Technical Director, Greg Greenlee, has been appointed as a member of the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC). ALSC is a non-profit organization consisting of manufacturers, distributors, users, and consumers of lumber; it serves as the standing committee for the American Softwood Lumber Standard (PS 20). With a seat on the committee, SBCA can represent the component manufacturing industry and provide a proactive voice on lumber issues facing the industry.  

The American Lumber Standard (ALS) system, which is a key component to the lumber industry’s economy, provides the basis for acceptance of lumber and their design values by building codes throughout the U.S. The committee possesses several important functions, one of which is maintaining PS 20. The current version is designated PS 20-20, and the next version will be PS 20-25, as the document is reviewed every five years. In addition to the committee’s maintenance of PS 20, they also participate in the ALSC Board of Review (BOR) Meetings. The BOR is responsible for serving as the certification and accreditation body of the ALSC.  

Greg is excited to be on the committee and to represent SBCA and its membership. “I’m honored to be nominated and approved as a member of the ALSC. The committee plays an important role in the softwood lumber industry, which is a critical part of our members’ business’,” says Greg. “Staying informed and proactively reacting to developing issues will benefit members. As our industry’s representative, I look forward to bringing any issues and concerns of the component industry to the committee.”  

SBCA is always seeking new ways to further engage with internal and external industry players, build relationships, collaborate, and contribute to the success and advancements of the whole building components industry. It is important to continue these efforts, and SBCA is excited to do so through participating in the ALSC. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact Greg Greenlee at