From the Executive Director: Your Association at Work

SBCA Magazine,

SBCA is increasing the value it offers to members

A trade association is only as valuable as what its members put into it. This ranges from dues and subscription fees for programs, to goods and services developed in part by members and offered for sale. Even more important is the time its members contribute to the association, which directly results in its overall success. Over the last few years, SBCA has been working towards transitioning and increasing its value proposition to its membership, whether the value is focused on CMs, Associates, or Framer members. This concept is always at the forefront of every Executive Committee action and has extended to SBCA’s Board of Directors and other committees.

A perfect example of this is the development of SBCA’s Digital QC software program, which allows CMs to capture its quality control processes electronically. I vividly remember the discussion of how to establish an equitable pricing model for Digital QC. The concept was discussed and debated amongst SBCA staff for several months, if not years, as we worked to make it accessible to small manufacturers while remaining true to SBCA’s pragmatic tiered pricing models. In turn, SBCA staff developed an elaborate pricing model that strived to strike a balance and presented it for review to the Executive Committee. It was at this point that SBCA’s Executive Committee recommended Digital QC be offered to members at no additional cost, essentially making it “free” to SBCA members.

Offering Digital QC to members at no charge was an exciting concept based on the accessibility to the software it would allow. It was made possible because of SBCA’s recent increase in the efficiency of its operations. After all, how hard is it to sell “free” versus any other pricing? Ultimately the idea took hold, and SBCA now offers a highly sophisticated quality control tool that is sure to improve the entire construction industry’s level of expectations for a quality product. This is just one example of the creative solutions and industry benefits that can be achieved when CMs come together to discuss a variety of issues. Incredible ideas and solutions don’t just come from SBCA’s Executive level, but from all levels of the organization any time CMs get together to discuss their operations.

SBCA offers members and non-members alike several opportunities to come together throughout the year to discuss issues germane to their businesses and locations. These opportunities include SBCA Chapter outings such as golf events, skeet shoots, and ball games. In addition, our Open Quarterly Meetings spread throughout the year and throughout the country offer everyone the opportunity to network with fellow CMs, Associate Members, Framers and even SBCA Staff. Finally, SBCA’s annual conference, BCMC, its crown jewel event, allows everyone in the industry to come together over the course of a week each fall to view the latest machinery, learn from their peers in formal education sessions and industry round tables, and interact with professionals who face similar everyday issues at locations across North America.

I encourage you to participate in SBCA’s activities by taking advantage of the opportunity to join us this month in Boston for an OQM, or by registering for BCMC (, to be held this September in Columbus, OH. There are always Chapter, NFC, and other events taking place throughout the country that you can learn about at You never know what the relationships you build today will lead to tomorrow for your business, SBCA’s offerings to its members, or the betterment of the component industry. You could have the next great idea that drives our industry forward!

Author: Jess Lohse, Executive Director