SBCA to Create Technical Assistance Panel; Seeks PEs

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine by Sean Shields — September 28, 2021
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The Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) has a long history of providing industry-leading technical expertise to its members and the broader construction supply chain. To build upon that foundation, SBCA wants to form a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to provide an enhanced, consensus-based approach to the association’s technical guidance and to regularly review its expansive library of technical documents and publications.

SBCA’s desire is to populate the panel with a geographically diverse group of professional engineers (PEs) who work for its component manufacturer members, although independent engineers may also be included.  Through TAP, SBCA will focus on creating an environment that will allow industry engineers to work together with peers, refine their knowledge and acumen, and broaden their exposure to engineering challenges.

In addition to working closely with SBCA’s Engineering & Technical (E&T) Committee (some member crossover is encouraged) to review BCSI and other technical documents and issues, TAP members would occasionally be asked to address industry-specific technical inquiries submitted to SBCA that require the kind of advanced technical knowledge TAP members would possess.

In return for their service, SBCA will provide travel and accommodations to SBCA’s open quarterly meetings (OQMs) to enable TAP members to develop closer working relationships with each other, as well as network with a broader segment of the industry’s leadership. Initially, SBCA would like to pull together the TAP members in the fourth quarter of 2021, support the group throughout 2022, and evaluate the success of this approach in the fourth quarter of 2022.